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Jordan at Audi Tucson is an excellent Service Advi

I really appreciate Jordan's attention to detail and thoughtfulness during my 10,000 mile service, Jordan was able to save me some money on future services by offering Audi Care and pointing out the substantial savings I will have come the 20,000 and 30,000 mile service intervals.

Great diagnostic effort

Jason and tech team sought out and repaired an elusive engine problem. My sincere thanks for their expertise and persistence.

Gene R Nudelman
Stephan Michallet

Terrific salesman. Great service and follow-up. Returns calls quickly. Greatly helpful and setup and negotiations

Barry Holt
On-time and top notch

Prompt, friendly service and very comfortable waiting area. Car was cleaned inside and out as an extra perk.

David Cohen
service Q5

my new service guy Jordon did an outstanding job! Was not happy that Dan my service rep for the past 12 years was not there anymore

Great Service as always

Robert was professional, friendly and very helpful in helping me understand the issues with my car.

Sherry Henley
Stellar performane

As promised on time with no unresolved issues

Terry Carden
Don't know what I'm supposed to put here.

I can't say enough good things about Jordan in your service department. He's thorough, careful, on top of his clients problems and issues. Goes above and beyond. A gem.

Pam Katzenberg
Speaker replacement

Tony and all the Audi MX team did they're usual sterling job from check-in to departure. Everyone was very friendly, professional, and communicative. Definitely use Tucson Audi Service Dept again.

Vic Hill
Excellent service

Dylan was professional and helpful during my recent service. My only comment is that, in all, it took almost two and a half house to determine I could use new tires and replace them. That’s too long.

Mark Mussari
Purchase experience

The actual buying experience was fine and Jaime did a very good job. However two things really grabbed my attention, both unpleasant surprises. 1) The rear view mirror is just that, a mirror. It cannot be programmed to open our garage doors or the gate at the end of our street. I have bought 4 new and 1 Certified used vehicles in the last 10 years. The only one that didn't have a programable mirror was the 2021 Audi. I don't feel like this is a place where Audi should be cutting corners to lower their cost (obviously not their selling price) because there are numerous bells and whistles explained in the owner's manual, any one of which if eliminated would more than cover the cost of a mirror that has been standard equipment on even lower and medium priced cars for years. The first thing I had to do after getting the car home was to dig out our clip-on door openers and go buy new batteries for them since they hadn't been used in over 10 years. Not what I ever thought I would have to do to simply get in my garage with a 2021 Audi. 2) The car came without floor mats. This is stunning. I can honestly say that in decades of buying new cars of many makes and models, I have never had one delivered without floor mats. Is Audi either in such dire financial straits that eliminating floor mats is how they hope to right the ship or are they so focused on squeezing the last dime of profit out of every vehicle that someone in Accounting convinced management that deleting floor mats will really help the bottom line ? What's next... one windshield wiper ? Front and rear bench seats? No spare ? Will Audi unveil their "taxi cab" model next year? Audi competes primarily with Benz, Lexus, and BMW. Do any of them think it's good business to eliminate floor mats on new vehicles ? If I spend $41,000+ on a car, is it too much to ask that I not have to hit O'Reilly Automotive on the way home for floor mats so I don't dirty up the new carpeting ? It would seem that in these two instances, Audi is looking over Kia's shoulder for new ideas to demean their image. I really am embarrassed over these issues and I haven't decided what I'll say when friends hit me with the obvious question, "How do you like your new Audi?" These may be small in Audi's eyes but they are astounding to me. You invited me to give you a review and these two items haven't cancelled the pleasure of getting a new car but they definitely have made me rethink Audi's standing in the automotive world and not in an impressive way.

Rev Mullins
Outstanding Dealership

This is my second purchase of a new car from Chapman Audi Tucson. I continue to be impressed with everyone at the dealership. This includes sales, finance and service. The dealership is a long drive from my residence in Oracle Az but their treatment makes the trip well worth while.

Quaite Dodson
Jordan...service rep

Jordan does a thorough and thoughtful job. He makes it very easy to bring my cars in for servicing.

Barry Holt
My Q5 service

My service was handled in a very professional and prompt manner and I am pleased. However, I had requested that my windshield wipers be replaced as the car is 5 years old, and I don't see any evidence on my service summary that they were replaced. Could you please look into that and let me know? Thanks! Linda DeWitt

Linda DeWitt
Great service and competitive pricing! Thank you

The folks at the Service Department at Audi of Tucson, especially Jordan Egan, are wonderful to work with in keeping your Audi in tip top shape. They do a tremendous job . . . and, believe it or not, their pricing is competitive! You can't go wrong. Call today.

Shaun P. Kenney
Always great service

complete services---excellent work---always good. No one has ever touched any of my Audi's in the last 20 plus years except Chapman. This will always be the case and the excellent service is appreciated.

Gay Russell
Excellent service

Thanks to Robert Goodrich and Casey Belford for replacing a tire for me at 5:00 PM on March 19, 2021. My tire's under inflation was caused by a nail. Their work ensured that my drive home to Green Valley was safe.

Karen Viechnicki
Audi Service

Very pleased with the service I received on my Audi Q5. Jordan Egan provided all the service information for my visit and optional future service considerations.

James Otis


Chandler Roger
Chapman and service advisor Jordan are terrific

I have a 2014 A5 cabriolet. The only place I would take it for service is Chapman. They are honest and always do a great job. My service advisor Jordan is also terrific. He's on top of everthing and makes me feel like he love my car as much as I do.

Deborah Bernini
Great Service As Always

Robert was professional and friendly and very pleasant to deal with regarding the service on the Audi. He is always on top of everything and keeps me posted.

Sherry Henley
Great experience

Our first visit to this dealership, but definitely won't be our last. Every person we talked to absolutely loves the company and their job! Cesar was amazing as he guided us through options and found the perfect match at a nearby dealership. Paperwork was a breeze as well! Highly recommend you give them an opportunity to win your business, you won't be disappointed.

Jim Creel
Excellent Service

Tucson Audi is a long drive from to get service but their outstanding customer care and service make the drive worth while. TonyMedeiros my Service Consultant is outstanding and goes beyond in making sure my vehicle is serviced to exceed my expectations. You couldn't ask for any more better customer care.

Quaite Dodson
Extremely satisfied

Very pleased with my Audi service experience. Jordan is super patient and friendly and took time to listen and recommend the best solutions for my vehicle. Had all my issues resolved in no time.

New To Me 2014 Audi A6

I have just purchased a used Audi A6 and went to Audi of Tucson to register it with the dealership for future maintenance. While I was there I also asked about an extended maintenance agreement. I not only got a great price on the maintenance agreement they also provided me with a full inspection of my car. I expect to have a great relationship with the dealership in the future. Thanks for the warm welcome.

James Wasson
car service

it got done .. great service

karla kramer
Great service department

Very professional One time Excellent communication

Janey Katz
Chapman Audi Service

I worked with Robert and he was knowledgeable, professional and courteous. After determining that I needed 4 tires installed instead of 1, he made sure I had a loaner vehicle so I could get some work done while my car was serviced. Great communication when my car was ready!

Robert Trammell
I am from Rockford Illinois and a good friend who

Robert Goodrich was my contact and did a great job communicating the status of things as the work was being completed. A couple of other things needed attention that were discovered and taken care of. Am returning on Monday to have a camber issue addressed as some bolts needed to be ordered. I was very impressed with all aspects of the property, staff and organization/communication of the Chapman group.

Clark Wangaard


david cummins
30K service

From scheduling appointment to completion was very professional and well done. Work completed in minimal time and I really appreciated the short video by the technician accomplishing the service.

Vic HIll

Excellent service

Garry Bryant
Great team

Once again team was outstanding in maintenance program, talented and knowledgeable engineer, excellent communication from the front office, the reason I recommend Audi's and Chapman to my friends

jan konstanty

Went in for a minor brake issue. Was resolved quickly and I was ne happy camper. Very friendly people at the dealership.

Al Scura

Not only did they do the callback, they cleaned and washed the vehicle (Q7)

Excellent Service as usual

The service at Audi is always superb. I have had my Q5 for 7.5 years and have taken it in for all its maintenance. It is always a pleasure doing business with the Service Department. Last week, 12/30/2020 was no different. When I bought the Audi Q5, I assumed I would take it to some other repair shop after about a year but changed my mind when I discovered how great it was to work with the Service Department at Audi. The Q5 drives like a dream and I hope to get another Audi in a year or two.

Sherry Henley
Rob and Robb

Very calming experience with great knowledge.

Sara Alexander
Audi service

Service representative was very accommodating We had an issue with AdBlue on our trip to Tucson from Illinois He talked to me on phone and gave great instructions When we arrived he was there and handled the service call very professionally

A6 Service

So, called and talked to Robert, my service advisor, regarding my next service needed on my 2016 Audi A6. He explained the options and then scheduled an appointment the next day. All work performed well, while I waited, at a reasonable price. Happy with Robert and the gang at Audi of Tucson!

Wally Olson

Jordan explained in detail the process and the service was completed in a timely manner. Excellent service and a very personable service coordinator.

Tom Green
Service and service associate

Tony was extremely helpful, promptly fitting me into the schedule for purchase of a new tire when I had to get towed in for a flat. Answered all my questions and I had my new tire, clean car in a very timely fashion. Greatly appreciate it!

Dr. Dorit Adler
Clear, transparent and efficient

I was kept up to date with the status of my car and was even sent a video showing the inspection done.

Kenya Crisantes

Service and repair completed on time and as estimated

Linda Fountain

Tony Medeiros did a great job with providing service. Audi is always efficient with service!

Service appointment

Jordan is an excellent customer service professional. I received timely feedback during my appointment.

Tom Green
40,000 mile service on my Q5

It was a seamless experience form setting up my appointment to completing the required service.

michael fox
Great service/advisor

Great service Jordan

Alfonso Nieto
2018 Audi Q7 Service

The dealer service was exceptional. I am very happy with every visit to Chapman Audi Service. One of the reasons I set up the service appointment was to have the software updated to continue Google Earth availability based on an email I received from Audi. I was very unhappy to find out my car could not be updated and that it will no longer support Google Earth navigation after Dec 31. Although I didn’t purchase my Q7 solely based on Google Earth capability, I have never heard of losing features included with an original purchase that are not subscription based and I’ve found it very useful during our travels. I made an investment in a vehicle I expected to keep for many years. Audi needs to find a way to maintain Google Earth capability on 2018 Q7s. Thank you.

Steve Schumacher
Two year checkup

Always admire the Tucson Audi service department, do what they say, do it right, best dealership I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. Kudos to Tony.

Ed Fleming
Another great experience

Jordan Egan's vast knowledge of the brand and easy going manner always make these visits a pleasure

Sam Reid
Robert Goodrich

Robert is very knowledgeable and did an excellent job on guiding me thru the repair process.

Eugene L Owens
Best Service Ever

Thanks to all the great service personnel. I was greeted and out the door with a loaner car in 10 minutes. Service was great and what was expected. Thanks to all.

David Skull
Jordan Egan

As usual, Jordon reflected well the highest standards of Chapman Automotive (Audi)...a future service manager.

Robert O. Smith
Great customer service

Brought my 2018 A5 Sportback to Chapman for standard service, and was treated throughout the entire process with caring and class. My service advisor, Jordan, did an outstanding job of keeping me informed and updated on everything, and when they found an issue with my car I was unaware of, Jordan worked with me to find a financially feasible way to get it done. I am very impressed.

Paul Guyot
Good service

Tony the service consultant was very courteous. The service itself was well done and clean.

Ash Reddy
Jordon Egan

Jordon was extremely professional, accommodating, and friendly...a great representative for Audi

Robert O. Smith
Service Review

It's always a pleasure dealing with the Audi Chapman service center. They are professional, quick to communicate any updates or answer questions, and always provide excellent, friendly service. Thank you, Dan Paris!

Janalee OBagy
Excellent team

This service department is the best. They have worked together for several years, and are a great efficient and professional team, whose advice I respect.

jan konstanty
Audi Q3 purchase

Excellent purchase of the Q3. Vincente, who was our sales rep was exceptional throughout the process. Very competent and knowledgeable representative for Chapman.

Audi Service

Please give Dan Parks a raise. And a promotion, too. He gave me great service and advice during my recent Audi service. He represents the best Chapman can provide.

gary greenbaum
Great service

Great service and accommodating

David Whitaker
Wonderful Service!

All my experiences with Audi of Tucson have been great. My Service Advisor, Dan Paris, ensures that my car is in tip-top shape. He's helped educate me on how to best use the technology & features of my car. I always feel confident, whether driving in 110+ or -20 with ice & snow, driving my car as I know the Service Team checks everything and then reviews the data with me. Thanks Audi of Tucson!

Milena Vari
Great Service

I appreciate the promptness of contact when I arrived, the staff wearing masks and respectful of social distancing, and minimal contact. My loaner car was ready for me. They provided complete service for my car’s maintenance. I especially appreciated how they washed my car and vacuumed the inside! Dan, my service agent, was thorough in reporting the status on the service. Thank you!

Yvonne Cauzza
Service Review

I had a complex service which was done in a timely manner and the car is fine. Robert Goodrich, my service advisor was very helpful sorting out the issues that needed to be completed. Very pleased with the completed work.

Al Scura
Outstanding Experience

Very professional service. I was able to get an appointment immediately. The service associate that took care of me and my Audi S4 Cabriolet, Mr. Paris, was outstanding and very professional. He kept me updated on the service progress. He explained all the issues with my car in a very understandable manner. All in all a very satisfying experience.

Richard Sanchez
Great service team

Tucson Audi have serviced my cars for almost 2 decades. The team are such professional that when we replace any of our cars it has to be Audi models. Dan P and Mike O are outstanding and enhance the Audi brand

jan konstanty
Great experience!

Our sales person “Stephan” provided us with exceptional service. He was extremely helpful in guiding us through the purchase of a hybrid SUV which was a totally new experience for us. The financial manager “Tim” finalized the sale without any pressure which was a pleasant experience.

Robert Maxwell

Tim and Eddie were amazing, they helped me through every step and worked with me to get the best price possible.

Jason Maher

Had significant repairs done to our A8. Tony was very professional, straightforward, excellent communications, and completed all repairs in a timely manner. Excellent experience

Dwight Hendrickson
Fred & Stephan were AWESOME!

We started the process back in December 2019 and Fred Fox was our sales person. He was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. We test drove a few SUV’s, left the dealership, came back again and Fred was always kind each and every time. He wasn’t pushy and let the vehicle sell itself. We purchased the Q5 and it was a special order due to the color we wanted. It was supposed to take about 4-5 months and Fred stayed in constant contact. With the COVID-19 pandemic the car took a few months longer. Fred was no longer available in person due to medical issues, but we still came first and he stayed in contact. Fast forward... Our Q5 arrives and Stephan stepped in for Fred to finish the transaction. He was very friendly, informative and patient. He went through all the bells and whistles the car had to offer. The best part, we know Stephan will be there when we have questions about our Q5 because we DEFINITELY WILL! Thank you again Fred and Stephan!

Doug & Rosa

Dan Paris is always knowledgeable about our cars needs. He will take time to answer questions. He has taken care of our cars since 2010...

Great Service Dept.

My Service Advisor Tony Medeiros is FANTASTIC! He keeps me informed and always is friendly and professional. My Technician Matthew Bryant recommended additional services that I am confident will add to my safety and enjoyment of my Audi.

John A Alese
Great Service

I come a long way to have my car serviced so I need a loaner and don’t want to wait. Tony and team were spot on. The loaner was clean. The service was quick. All around great.

Andrew Lavin

I have been a loyal customer of your,ever since I purchased my 2016 allroad.For the last five years my vehicle has been serviced by Audi of Tucson.Great service!My service advisor Dan Paris really know his stuff, and practices fair trade.The mechanics perform in a timely manner.and always return my car in tip top shape.I am proud to be part of the Chapman family.

James Moller
Great Team

As usual terrific service, knowledgeable crew and fast turnaround.

Almost Complete Service

On Friday July 24, 2020 I dropped my 2019 Q5 at Chapman Audi Tucson, for it's first oil change and reapplication of the ceramic coating. Jordan and Tiffany took great care of getting everything in order, including a loaner vehicle. When I returned on Monday July 27 to pick up my car, I was pleased with the services I had been provided...almost. Much to my dismay and great disappointment, my car had not been vacuumed and the windows were very dirty. The floor on driver's side was full of leaf debris. As a former Lexus owner for over 30 years, any work done by Lexus always included a full wash, including all windows inside and out, vacuuming and a refill of my gas tank. This is a service Audi/Chapman Automotive Group should be providing, to maintain a strong consumer relationship. After all, Audi touts itself as a luxury vehicle. That should be part of a luxury level service.

Susan Entringer

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